Transform Your Run
with wearM.AI

wearM.AI goes beyond smartwatches, monitoring muscles and joints to cut running injuries!

No time for rehab centers? No problem! Our platform lets physios assess your performance and injury risks of your daily running.

Also, meet your virtual running buddy – our AI physio assistant.

Shoes with WearM.AI sensors on top.

Fact of Running

Running is bliss, is joy, is high, is sometimes ugly, but also is love and fulfill. However, all of these will disappear once running injuries strike in. Experiencing running injuries is biggest nightmare for runners!

The problem

Your muscles are shy. When you start hearing muscle complains, normally it’s too late.


million runners worldwide


of the runners get injured each year!

Too late

when you feel pain in your muscles

Simplify your runner’s journey! Our platform helps physios easily check your muscles and joints during your daily run. It’s that simple, yet impactful!

Our Unique Solution

Powerful tech, simplified use! Our solution combines advanced embedded systems, ML computer vision, Edge computing, and Cloud Services.

Clip our sensors onto your running shoes for easy digitalization of body motions, even deep into the muscle level.

Our user-friendly cloud-based software and mobile apps create a seamless platform for both physios and runners. It’s tech at its best, made simple for you!

Science behind our product

Wearable validation

A wearable system with commercially available sensor (IMU + pressure insoles) that can measure both kinematic and kinetic motion data simultaneously.

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Fast simulation

Owing to the restrictions of live experimentation, musculoskeletal simulation models play a key role in biological motor control studies and investigations.

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Inner state

Standing balance is a simple motion task for healthy humans but the actions of the central nervous system (CNS) have not been described by generalized and sufficiently sophisticated control laws.

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Our Vision

We create new digital era of AI powered sports for people to have the most joy without worrying the risks.

Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned for our debut product: FLEX 2024

Our Partners

Our goal as an organization is to partner with leaders and expand into industries where our technology will have the largest impact on human well being.

We are looking for partners to help digitize human motion!